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Bolivia Visa Information

Documents you will need from us:

Please click both these links and download the pdf. files to your computer ready for the application process.

- Bolivia Itinerary -

- Our Hotel Confirmation Letter -

Steps For Applying For Your Bolivia Visa:

You absolutely must get your visa in advance, otherwise it will take too long at the border. And, if you don’t have your visa, you may need to stay at the border and take a taxi to the hotel.

All nationalities need a VALID PASSPORT
You must have 6 months validity remaining on your passport at the time of entry. When entering Bolivia from Peru, the passport you use must be the same passport used to enter Peru. If you happen to be of dual citizenship, you cannot switch passports at the Bolivian border.

STEP 1: Find your Visa Group - I, II, III

The Bolivian embassy has listed the different countries into 3 Groups. In order to avoid any issues, or potential fines, it is important you know what group you belong to and what your Bolivia Visa Requirements are. We advise to prepare each and every document on the list in order to apply for a visa.

International participants: Use the tool on this page to find which Visa Group you belong to, and what your requirements are. -

US Citizens

Americans can apply for a visa online at a Bolivian embassy and the cost for the visa is $160 USD.
The Director of the Houston, Texas, Consulate ( offered to assist our US participants. His name is Rene Verduguez and you can contact him at, or for urgent contact only call using (832) 916-4200

If using the Houston Consulate, you will need the HOUSTON TEXAS Consulate’s Credit Card Authorization form.

Before applying, check that you have the following:
Standard Requirements to Request a Visa for Bolivia

  • 2 recent 2" x 2" passport-type photographs (some application forms state 3" x 3" so please check the form you're using)
  • Original Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Copy of the Hotel Reservation & Confirmation indicating the host address. Click here to download the pdf.
  • Round trip ticket or copy of travel itinerary
  • Bank statement or equivalent that shows economic solvency.
  • Visa fee: US$ 160.00 – this is for US citizens. International participants must check the requirements using the Group Identifier Tool above.
  • The visa must be obtained at any Consulate of Bolivia prior to trip

STEP 2: Apply via the Bolivian Consulate

If you're in the United States, you may use the special assistance from the Director of the Houston ,Texas, Consultate whom is helping our group. Again, his name is Mr.Rene Verduguez and you can contact him using And for urgent contact only, via phone at 832-916-4200 (please, we do not wish to overwhelm this kind man that is helping us!).

Fill out the visa application where you will need to upload/send your passport information, photo, itinerary, confirmation from hotel & a proof of solvency (e.g. bank statement copy).

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed your online application, you will come to a page that displays your Sworn Statement/Approval Letter with a Verification Code (shown below). You must print this document by clicking 'View visa application form', you will then need to sign it, make a copy and include both in the mail to send along with your other documents.

When you send your documents in the mail, use an expedited and trackable delivery service (FedEx, USPS etc.). You will also need to include a return envelope, with postage included, for them to mail back your passport.

Good to Know

  • When filling out the application online, and asked to fill in your 'Luga de la Solicitud' enter the name of the city of the consulate you're applying with. For most of you in the US, this will be Houston, Texas, unless you choose otherwise.
  • It has been advised not to use Safari web browsers as they have proven problematic with some applications. (If you are still having problems using the online application, you might want to try using a PC).
  • When asked whether the area you're going to is affected by Yellow Fever, mark 'Other'. Because we are not going to any areas that need a Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Tips for US Citizens filling out the VISA form:

  • Your national identification number can be your Passport Number (according to their instructional video)
  • Make sure that you put the Place of your Birth next to the Date of your Birth, not where you live now.
  • Your main destination in Bolivia (City/Province/Municipality) is OTHER
  • Lugar de la solicitud on Step 4 of 5 means "Place of Application." Enter HOUSTON, TEXAS here if you are sending in your application to the Houston Consulate.
  • Make sure to use the Houston Texas Consulate's Credit Card form if you are sending in Credit Card Info:

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