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Upcoming Events

16nov8:00 amDay 1 - Welcome Orientation & Evening Delegate Reception

17nov8:00 amDay 2 - Moray, Maras, Chincheros, Cusco City

18nov8:00 amDay 3 - All day visit to Saqsayhuaman Park

19nov8:00 amDay 4 - Tipon, Andahuaylillas and Huaro

20nov8:00 amDay 5 - Awana Cancha, Pisaq and Hurco

21nov8:00 amDay 6 - All day at Ollantaytambo

22nov8:00 amDay 7 - Thanksgiving Celebration - Train to Machupicchu

23nov8:00 amDay 8 - Morning at Machu Picchu & special Full-Moon Gathering Ceremony

24nov8:00 amDay 9 - All Day at Machu Picchu to explore

25nov8:00 amDay 10 - Cusco Tour Concludes & Bolivia Begins

26nov8:00 amDay 11 - Bus Tour from Cusco to Puno, Lake Titicaca

27nov8:00 amDay 12 - Full Day Tour from Puno - Floating Islands & Lake Titicaca

28nov8:00 amDay 13 - Trip to Portal de Aramu Muru from Puno

29nov8:00 amDay 14 - Motorboat to the South of the Sun Island

30nov8:00 amDay 15 - Bus to Tiwanaku & Puma Punko

01dec8:00 amDay 16 - Hotel Libertador at Lago Titicaca

05dec3:09 pm3:09 pmThe Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein - Cusco, PERUPresented by Resonance Science Foundation Ambassador & Resonance Academy Faculty Member, Jamie Janover

13dec2:00 pmRobert Grant Elective - Language of Light - Lecture 6

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