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Investigation of the gravitational property of the quantum vacuum may explain the accelerating expansion of the universe.

In a presentation at the Royal Society in London, Haramein & Val Baker unveiled findings in a poster session in which Haramein's quantized solution to gravity, when applied to the mass-energy density of the universe, resolves the 122 order discrepancy of the standard cosmological model.

The study reveals that when the geometrical solution of the proton rest mass, Haramein's quantized solution to gravity, is scaled with the radius of the universe the exact value of the energy density of the cosmological constant is found. The presentation was well received, and the poster session can be found on the HIUP website (the paper is undergoing preparations for publication). Haramein and Val Baker's study is perhaps one of the first demonstrations of a physical mechanism of how the energy density expectation value from quantum field theory is not in disagreement with the dark energy value predicted for the universe, and thus one of the first fully consistent physical explanations for the expansion rate of the universe.


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