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Day 1 - Fri, November 16
Welcome Orientation & Evening Delegate Reception

Bienvenido & Warm Welcome to Cusco! You are entering the Peruvian Delegate Adventure Tour as you embark upon a mystical journey of a lifetime! Enjoy your first days at our luxurious hotel in this extraordinary, majestic city. (We invite & encourage you to come in a day or two early on your own, to relax and get acclimated to altitude and enjoy local culture and beauty).

There will be a wonderful late morning walking tour and visit to the INKA Museum (elongated skulls & mummies & artifacts & arts). Arrive prior to 10am if you wish to join us on this optional excursion.

  • Arrival by noon to get registered, checked in & refreshed for Evening Event.
  • 4pm - Registration/group meet
  • 6pm ~ Welcome orientation by Nassim & Staff
  • 7pm ~ Special Delegate Evening Dinner Reception
Day 2 - Sat, November 17
Moray, Maras, Chincheros, Cusco City

Today, enjoy a scenic bus ride to Moray and discover the round terraces at the archaeological site. Explore the fascinating terrace - 3 separate structures carved deep into the earth - these amazing structures have been used as agricultural laboratories to adapt seed to then be sent to the massive agricultural complexes.
Continue to the neighboring town of Maras, a center of salt production since Inka times. Admire over 3,000 salt evaporation pools, carved into the side of the rock and filled daily by tiny mountain streams.
Next we'll visit Chinchero, a small Andean village, and admire the well-preserved Incan walls of the main square as well as the many altars. Visit the colonial church and admire its interior artwork and design, before making a visit to an Andean textile. Throughout the afternoon, discover the beautiful art and its practice as you become acquainted with a wisdom of weaving that has existed since the time of the Inka.
Finally, a leisurely dinner on your own and an evening Delegate Gathering at 9pm to connect & reflect with Nassim & the guides
Day 3 - Sun, November 18
All day visit to Saqsayhuaman Park

At 8:30 am, we'll start our day visiting the Inka site of Saqsayhuaman, spending the whole day to visit all the different sites located in the Park. This particular park has the most amazing remains of the ancient technology, showing the proof that these rocks were carved with sophisticated tools with megalithic rocks. Then we'll visit the area called Rodadero, the amphitheater, the reservoir, a few caves called by the locals (chinkanas) and Big Chinkana. This site has many carvings and also the entrance to a tunnel used to connect with underground passages to different parts of Cusco. We'll then conclude this part of the day with a picnic lunch. Onward to Kenqo! Another curious site with more evidence of ancient technology and amazing carvings and altars. Then Lanla Kuyoq, the Fertility Temple, The Qoa temple (Qoa is a type of Puma).
Next we'll visit Tambo Machay, the temple of the water, where there is still a working aqueduct that comes from under the earth and on its way irrigated many agricultural lands.

Back to the Hotel for dinner and overnight in Cusco, the ancient Incan Capital.

Day 4 - Mon, November 19
Tipon, Andahuaylillas and Huaro

After Breakfast, at 8:30 am, we'll venture on our bus direct to the Inka site of Tipon, an example of the advanced architecture and hydraulic engineering of the Inkas. This site is well preserved, and all the watering systems are still working.
Afterwards, we'll continue to Andahyalillas, The South American Sixtina Chapel. Amazing remains of the Indian paintings - fusions of the catholic and Spanish school. The next Village is Huaro, another unique site where the city hall has a small but rich museum with amazing pieces of ancient technology. After another wonderful day we'll come back to Cusco.
Dinner and overnight stay in the Navel of the world Cusco. (Inka language Q'osqo).
Day 5 - Tues, November 20
Awana Cancha, Pisaq and Hurco

Today will be another amazing day. After breakfast, we'll take our bus straight to the Sacred Valley. On the way, we'll enjoy the view of the picturesque villages, making a few stops to appreciate the beauty of the land.
Our first visit will be "AWANA KANCHA", an interesting weaving project, here we'll have the opportunity to see the diverse Andean Camels, Llama, Alpaca, Huanaco and Vicuña. We'll then have a weaving demonstration; how they make the yarn from the wool, the dying using natural product herbs, roots, and minerals, then the weaving process until the finished product. Continuing with our visit we'll travel to Pisaq, a unique Inka site. Here we'll explore the area like going back in time. With the spectacular trails, terraces (agricultural lands), and a diverse type of construction and architecture, showing us the magnificent development of the Inka culture.
After the visit of the Archeological site of Pisaq, we'll go to the Village and enjoy a delicious lunch.
Afterwards, we can visit the Indian Market.

Continuing with our tour we'll travel to Urco, one of the most interesting ceremonial sites of the Inkas, where we'll be having a Kinstuska ceremony. (The live Inka vision Board) after this we'll go to our hotel for dinner and overnight stay in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas.

Day 6 - Wed, November 21
All day at Ollantaytambo

After a restful night and refuelling our bodies at breakfast, we'll be ready for a new day full of experiences. We'll be taking our bus to the town of Ollantaytambo, and during the tour we can see different places like a beautiful Andean panorama.We will visit this great archaeological complex, which is located near the town. it's a site with all the characteristics of Inka Urbanism, distributed in several sectors within a large space. Nature is in harmony with its buildings. We can observe the religious, urban, agricultural sector as a series of elements typical of the Inka architecture.
Ollantaytambo is the only town in which the indigenous peoples are still living in constructions of the Inka time.Here, we have many examples of this incredible stone work. Gigantic carved rocks, some of which were never finished, and in other sectors perfect cuts in the bed rock, sowing this magnificent work with unknown ancient technology,. We'll enjoy the whole day exploring this unique Inka jewel.

We'll then retreat with the day and have another magic night in the sacred valley.

Day 7 - Thurs, November 22
Thanksgiving Celebration - Train to Machupicchu

Another unique day! After a delicious Breakfast, there will be an optional tour of Semanario Ceramic learning the Ancient crafts! Then, a sweet Thanksgiving Celebration, sharing with an Andean community, giving joy, happiness and love, serving the children refreshments & enjoying dances, colorful costumes and touring the local market. it is going to be a unique life experience.
Late afternoon special chartered train to Machu Picchu area with spectacular views to Aguas Calientes, Everyone will check in to their charming hotels and enjoy the Ambiance of this cozy town near Machu Picchu.
Day 8 - Fri, November 23
Amazing morning at Machu Picchu with an open afternoon to explore, and a special Full-Moon Gathering Ceremony

We'll be taking the chartered buses to transport the group to one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, the enigmatic Citadel of the Incas. This site is nestled between the ancient regions of the Chinchaysuyo and Antisuyo, between the highlands and the jungle. It's location, and also the climate, contribute to create that atmosphere of mystery and legend that makes Machu Picchu a mythical place. Built by high hills with vertical walls (Batholit of Vilcabamba) with the Vilcanota river below, like a silver snake taking care of it's boundaries. The Citadel looks untouched by the world of humans, rather a place for the gods themselves.
We'll have time to explore and feel the powerful energy. We will head back to the hotels in the afternoon where you will be free to nap and rest, or explore the village or find a waterfall, butterfly sanctuary or even the nearby hot springs. We'll connect in the evening for a very special private full-moon ceremony with a view of Machu Picchu beside a river with our ARK crystals, as Nassim leads us on a powerful journey of activation.

Day 9 - Sat, November 24
All Day at Machu Picchu with 3 hiking choices with magic and deeper connection to this powerful site.

Today, we'll have an early breakfast and get on our chartered buses for a spectacular sunrise experience and continued exploration of this ancient citadel, with 3 alternatives of exploration:

A: Hike to Inti Punku, A moderately challenging trek to the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) The hike follows an original Inca trail that steadily climbs through Machu Picchu's agricultural terraces, high into the mountains directly south of the citadel. The view from here is breathtaking.

B: Hike to Machupicchu Apu, the most spectacular alternative to Huayna Picchu, available at the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Located south-west of Machu Picchu, rises 3,082 meters (10,112 feet) above sea level; this mountain hike, offers unrivalled views of the Inca City of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountainous landscape. At their summit Inca priests performed rituals on special dates, also performed liturgical greetings to Apu Salkantay.. *This hike is only for people who are in good physical condition.

C: Hike Waynapicchu and the Big Cave. wrongly called the temple of the moon, can only be accessed by visitors with an entrance ticket to Huayna Picchu Mountain. This is one of the most amazing hikes you can take here. Climbing to the top of Wayna Picchu mountain, then following the trail that I discovered in 1986 will take us on a nice adventure and truly feel the sensation of being in an ancient time. The path is surrounded by the cloud forest that mades you feel as though you're walking through the set of Jurassic Park.
*This hike can be difficult, only for persons who are in good physical condition. (if you don't want to do the whole hike, you can comeback from this point to Machupicchu).

UPDATE ON CHOICES: Currently, everyone that wanted to hike is signed up to hike Montana Picchu. We had an issue with Huayna Picchu and it is currently sold out. We are trying to work with the staff on site to be able to hike Huayna, but we cannot make any guarantees. We are also dealing with potential weather conditions on the forecast that would make Huayna dangerous, as well as construction currently in progress, so that is a factor in this as well.

Late afternoon panoramic chartered train back to Cusco. (with bus transfer from train to our Luxury Hotel).

An evening farewell in honor of those departing the next day. A Warm Hearted Delegate ARK Crystal Peru Initiate Blessing.

Day 10 - Sun, November 25
Cusco Tour Concludes & Bolivia Begins

Breakfast Buffet & Optional Yoga & lunch on your own
Quiet morning In Cusco to sleep in & relax and enjoy the city,

Say Adios and much love to those departing Cusco Tour.

Afternoon Walking tour of majestic city sites & visit the Sun Temple Qorikancha.
One of the most important historical structures & the most sacred site (or huaca) in the Inca religion, and was considered the very centre of the Inca world. The site was also known as the Golden Enclosure and was dedicated to the highest gods in the Inca pantheon, such as the Creator god Viracocha, the moon goddess Quilla and especially to Inti, the god of the sun.


~ Airport transfers for those Delegates that will not be continuing on with us as per flight departure times.


Day 11 - Mon, November 26
Adventure Bus Tour from Cusco to Puno, Lake Titicaca

7:00 am, after breakfast, we'll depart from our Hotel in Cusco. On route we'll stop at RAQCHI. The most important construction of "Wiracocha Temple" the supreme God of the Inkas, Teqse Illa Wiracocha. Externally it is 92 meters long (302 feet) and 25.25 meters wide (83 feet).
After this visit we'll continue to stop in the LA RAYA. La Raya Pass is the watershed between the valley that drains into Lake Titicaca and the valley that leads down to Cusco and to the Sacred Valley. We'll stop for an amazing unique experience of high altitude hot springs at 14,329ft & enjoy a nice picnic lunch.

Our tour goes on to Pukara one of the first regional kingdoms in the northern Lake Titicaca Basin during the Late Formative Period (500 BC- AD 200), providing valuable insights into the origins of Andean civilization in the highlands. During its peak, it covered over a square kilometer and housed thousands of bureaucrats, priests, artisans, farmers, herders, and possibly warriors. The Pukara style is identified by impressive monolithic sculptures with a variety of geometric, zoomorphic, and anthropomorphic images, plus intricate, multi-colored pottery in a variety of ritual and domestic forms.

We'll arrive in Puno about 6 pm to then have dinner and to stay overnight in our hotel.

Day 12 - Tues, November 27
Full Day Tour from Puno - Floating Islands & Lake Titicaca

Explore the floating islands and UNESCO-listed landscapes of Lake Titicaca on this full-day tour from Puno. Admire the Inca ruins of Amantani Island, tuck into a traditional Peruvian lunch on Taquile Island, and learn about island culture and traditions on the floating islands of Uros.

8:00 am departure and transfer to the port, where a motorboat will be waiting for us. After meeting the captain and crew, hop aboard and set sail on the 3.5-hour cruise to Amantani Island, enjoying stunning views across Lake Titicaca, South America’s largest lake. On arrival, follow your guide on a 1-hour hike to the highest point of the island, where you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the lakes and the surrounding islands. Spend some time admiring the island’s Inca ruins and learning more about its fascinating history, before heading back to the boat.

After another hour on the water, we'll arrive in Taquile Island in time for lunch (included) and tuck into some tasty Peruvian cuisine, followed by a cup of traditional coca tea. With your appetite sated, we'll spend time exploring the island’s lively markets, admiring the vibrant handicrafts and perhaps purchasing some distinctive souvenirs. As we cruise back towards Puno, we'll stop to visit the Uros floating islands - tiny manmade islands made from buoyant totora reeds. Climb aboard one of the islands to gain an insight into the local culture and learn how the islanders build and maintain the islands, their houses, and boats from the reeds. Sample typical island foods and watch performances of traditional dancing, weapons, and handicrafts.

Continuing back to our hotel we'll witness the sunset on the Titicaca Lake, together with ARK crystal Meditation

Then an evening of free time to connect, relax, play and explore Puno.

Day 13 - Wed, November 28
Trip to Portal de Aramu Muru from Puno

Enrich your knowledge of ancient Andean cultures on our trip to Portal de Aramu Muru from Puno. Ideal for history buffs, this tour covers the colonial town of Chucuito, the fertility temple of Inca Uyo, and the sacred portal of Aramu Muru, surrounded by picturesque rock formations.
The first stop is in Chucuito village, a colonial town. This town is close to the temple of Inca Uyo which has more than 20 penises carved in stone, probably related to fertility.

Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca, is certainly one of the most mystical places in Lake Titicaca. There is an enigmatic gate carved in one big stone located in the middle of the rocky formations. This place is a reference for many mystical people around the world. The tour will take approximately 4.5-hour. Our tour to Aramu Muru has captivating stops on the way. We will then continue to Aramu Muru’s gate which is located in a fantastic place among rocky formations. This temple works as an altar for past Andean cultures. The tour includes a short hike around to admire the stone forest. Then there will be a visit to a special secret place that very few people even know about ~ Queunani.

We will continue our trip to Copacabana, Bolivia. We will visit the church built over an Inka huaca (ceremonial Center), and then stay overnight in the beautiful town of Copacabana.

Day 14 - Thurs, November 29
Motorboat to the South of the Sun Island

At 8:00am, we'll take a motorboat towards the southern part of the Sun Island where we'll have a guided tour of the archaeological sites, such as Pilcokaina an Inca Temple, and the Inca stairway untill... the fountain of youth.

Later we have a traditional Inkan lunch in a local restaurant with incredible views of the lake and mountains.

In the afternoon, we'll take the motorboat towards the Moon Island and we start a guided tour of the archeological site "Iñac Uyo" an Inca temple dedicated to the Moon, also known as home of the Sun Virgins.

In the afternoon, we'll return to Copacabana and then rest on our bus to La Paz, Bolivia, for an overnight stay in La Paz.

Day 15 - Fri, November 30
Bus to Tiwanaku & Puma Punko

After Breakfast at 8am, we'll take our bus to Tiwanaku, one of the most important ancient civilizations in the world. This archaeological site is 2 hours west from the city of La Paz, towards the border town of Desaguadero. Although the Tiwanaku site is still under investigation, large areas have been uncovered and many parts restored, including 2 museums and these ancient sites:
Puerta del Sol – The Gateway of the Sun
Kalasasaya – ritual platform with impressive steps
Templete Semi-Subterraneo – huge sunken pit with 178 carved stone faces
Puma Punku temple A Magnificent structure with evidence of advanced technologies from Ancient times that is still a mystery.

Cross back from border of Bolivia to Peru & to our lovely Puno Hotel.

Farewell dinner & celebration with wonderful entertainment in Puno.

Day 16 - Sat, December 1
Hotel Libertador at Lago Titicaca

9am breakfast & group sharing at Lovely Hotel Libertador Lago Titicaca

  • Gratitude & Closing Ceremonies

*Everyone will make their own prior arrangements for transportation from the Hotel as per individual reservations to the nearby Juliaco Airport. You may wish to extend your stay in Puno to relax by the lake or explore local traditions and rituals. There are also daily flights to Lima to catch your connection home or enjoy a layover to explore more time in Puno or Lima sites & museums & Nazca Lines.




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