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New “instantly rechargeable” battery may deal a fatal blow to fossil fuels

The development of novel technologies for energy production, utilization, and storage is a major endeavor of the Resonance Science Foundation and it's R&D affiliates. Novel energy-producing inventions by physicist Nassim Haramein are being engineered with the hope of contributing to the global alternative and renewable energy market that will supplant non-renewable, exploitative, polluting energy sources.

The transition from a hydrocarbon-based global energy infrastructure to renewable, non-polluting energy sources will require numerous technological innovations -- the synergy of which will in time be more competitive and efficient than fossil fuels. Just such an important technological innovation has recently been reported:


Purdue researchers have developed technology for an “instantly rechargeable” battery that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and safe. Currently, electric vehicles need charging ports in convenient locations to be viable, but this battery technology would allow drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles to charge up much like drivers of conventional cars refill quickly and easily at gas stations.

This breakthrough would not only speed the switch to electric vehicles by making them more convenient to drive, but also reduce the amount of new supportive infrastructure needed for electric cars dramatically. Purdue University professors John Cushman and Eric Nauman teamed up with doctoral student Mike Mueterthies to co-found Ifbattery LLC (IF-battery) for commercializing and developing the technology.

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