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Newly Released Report Examines Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer

In a recent publication in the Journal of Cancer Therapy Dr. Dirk Meijer and Hans Geesink, who were previously featured in a RSF news post regarding their publication on how consciousness in the universe is scale-invariant and implies an event horizon of the human brain, describe a systematic overview of electromagnetic (EM) frequencies that influence cancer processes and examine the biomolecular and biophysical mechanisms that may play a role in the wide-spectrum of cancer etiologies.

The study finds discrete bands of EM frequencies that correlate with cancer suppression as well as discrete frequency ranges that promote neoplasm formation, as described in the paper “carcinogenesis fits in a frequency pattern of EM waves in which a gradual loss of cellular organization occurs.”

As a potential therapeutic treatment, Meijer and Geesink describe how carcinogenesis can be inhibited by adequate exposure to coherent electromagnetic frequencies. The introduction of specific EM frequencies that are within what the researchers refer to as coherent EM field frequencies, identified via a meta-analysis of 123 different biomedical studies reporting on the affects of EM exposure, show a fractal pattern of 12 anti-cancer bands and 12 cancer promoting bands within the studied EM range.

The coherent EM field frequencies are named such because of their beneficial affect on the biological system, whereby it appears that their constructive resonance with macromolecules in the cellular system stabilize and even reverse abnormal functioning, like that seen in neoplasms.

The coherent EM field frequencies stimulate beneficial solitons/ polarons, which have been shown to be involved in macromolecular and cellular signaling and are related to the mechanism of Fröhlich condensation, first hypothesized by physicist Herbert Fröhlich in which vibrational energy is concentrated in the lowest-frequency vibrational mode inducing strong quantum coherence of biomolecules similar to the formation of Bose-Einstein condensation or superconducting substrates (Quantum Coherent-like State Observed in a Biological Protein for the First Time). The coherent EM field frequencies are thus hypothesized to promote the formation of such strong quantum coherence, increasing the strength and fidelity of intra- and inter-cellular signaling, inhibiting the regulatory malfunctions that result in formation of cancerous cells.


Carcinogenesis fits in a frequency pattern of electromagnetic field (EMF) waves, in which a gradual loss of cellular organization occurs. Such generation of cancer features can be inhibited by adequate exposure to coherent electromagnetic frequencies. However, cancer can also be initiated and promoted at other distinct frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Both observations were revealed by analyzing 100 different EMF frequency data reported in a meta-analyses of 123 different, earlier published, biomedical studies. The studied EM frequencies showed a fractal pattern of 12 beneficial (anti-cancer) frequencies, and 12 detrimental (cancer promoting) frequencies, that form the central pattern of a much wider self-similar EMF spectrum of cancer inhibiting or promoting activities. Inhibiting of the cancer process, and even curing of the disease, can thus be considered through exposure to the coherent type of EM fields. Stabilization of the disease can be understood by constructive resonance of macromolecules in the cancer cell with the externally appied coherent EMF field frequencies, called solitons/polarons. The latter, for instance, have been shown earlier to induce repair in DNA/RNA conformation and/or epigenetic changes. The field of EMF treatment of cancer disorders is rapidly expanding and our studies may invite further experimental and clinical studies in which systematically various potential EMF treatment protocols could be applied, with combined and modulated frequencies, to obtain even more efficient EMF anti-cancer therapies.


Article: Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer: Perspectives for Improved Therapy and Prevention

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