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Nexus France Magazine Features Nassim Haramein’s Unified Physics

“What if Nassim Haramein is Right?” is the title featured in a recent Nexus France Magazine article written by Marc Mistiaen. The cover of the magazine reads, “A Black Hole at the Heart of the Atom!”

"I started my inquiry with Nassim Haramein, who was just coming to France to hold a two-day seminar. There I was, en route to meet him. I immediately felt ill at ease at this first meeting, a feeling of outrage quickly took over me. Nassim's remarks seemed illogical to me, they seemed to contradict everything I knew and had learned... I looked at the 80 participants, and very few of them seemed shocked... Good grief! I was in France, the homeland of Descartes. Did such comments not upset anyone, then?"

- Marc Mistiaen

Mistiaen writes about his experience attending Haramein's lecture in Europe and goes into detail regarding Haramein's revolutionary approach to Unified Physics through his latest peer reviewed and published paper "Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass." This article is a must read from the unique insight of a European educated engineer. You will read Marc's account as he goes from critical minded skeptic into a deeper exploration of Unified Physics, which made him question the very basis of "accepted" physics itself.

"I have too often been a submissive member of the audience as I listened to unequivocal speakers. Goodbye to my certainties. Welcome, doubts that impose on me never again to consider anything true or false. In short, I got back to the foundations of scientific method."

- Marc Mistiaen

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