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Novel technology holds promise to produce clean and cheap energy

SunCell is a revolutionary energy-generating technology who's creators claims produces energy by converting the hydrogen element in H2O-based solid fuel through a chemical reaction that produces a type of gas plasma energy. During the conversion process, the hydrogen of the H2O-based solid fuel is converted into a lower-energy state of hydrogen called hydrino.

The company behind SunCell is Brilliant Light Power, Inc., formerly known as BlackLight Power, Inc. Recently, Brilliant Light Power, Inc. posted a video that demonstrates the energy potential of their SunCell technology. Some of the researchers and scientists working at Brilliant Light Power, Inc. like to call this technology “sun in a box”. The company has demonstration videos of the high energy plasma from SunCell testing laboratories available on their website.

Brilliant Light Power's goal is to go commercial in the renewable energy sector, with a technology that produces no pollution of any kind, and which could be fitted to all forms of power need, including transportation, with no subsidies required to be economically feasible. The smallest it could be scaled to would be 25 kW. So other technologies like Orbo and ADGEX, will still be needed to power our portable devices without external re-charge required. But overall, Brilliant Light Power's SunCell technology may have the capacity to solve some of the planet’s long-term energy needs.


The core science behind the technology is the “hydrino,” a unique form of hydrogen theorized by Dr. Mill's, inventor and founder of SunCell and Brilliant Light Power. Mills explains that the hydrino is a lower energy form of hydrogen, and hydrogen must emit energy when it transitions to this lower energy form. The claims behind the technology is that SunCell uses water as the fuel source, which is stable, and inert, and converts this into the hydrino form, which liberates a very bright light, which can then be harnessed by concentrated solar PV panels (off-the-shelf technology, already developed, and being improved).

Brilliant Light Power inc. describes it as a "sun in a box", but that is actually an understatement, as the intensity of the light claimed to be produced is the equivalent of 1000 suns. With claims to have gotten it as high as 10,000 suns, or ~36 million watts per square centimeter. Generally speaking, using the BrLP process, “100 gallons of gasoline is roughly equivalent to the power of 1 gallon of water.”




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