Technology in Resonance


In the summer of 2015 Nassim Haramein and RSF agreed to move the technology development out of RSF and into the for profit world where it could be monetized and resourced in a manner that was appropriate and necessary for its proper development. This represented a major evolutionary step in the Resonance Science Foundation and was the primary catalyst for the name change from Resonance Project to Resonance Science. As Nassim remarked at the time – “we have accomplished a large part of our mission and are no longer a mere project”. The incubation of the technology in RSF and the decision to give it the room and means necessary for its growth resulted in the formation of Torus Tech LLC with both Haramein and Chris Almida having active roles in the new organization.

Our primary area of focus at Torus Tech is in vacuum energy related interactions whereby we are developing technologies that can either directly or indirectly interact with the fluctuating energy dynamics that constitute the very structure of the vacuum itself. As prototypes are completed and data analyzed, we partner with manufacturers who have the right infrastructure and expertise to manufacture the end product at scale. Currently we are working with two manufacturers on producing the ARK™ crystal technology at scale while we complete the build-out and testing of our proprietary charging process in house. In parallel to the manufacturing work we are conducting plant-based trials to demonstrate the effect of this technology on promoting optimal biological function. You can expect some major announcements regarding availability of the ARK™ crystal soon!

You can learn more about Torus Tech by visiting its website at

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