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It is important to book travel as soon as possible for the best prices and availability. You will need to book your travel to Cusco airport for arrival by the morning of November 16th.
You will need a return flight booked in order to enter the country. One way would be to book your round trip ticket to Lima, Peru, and then book your separate connection flights.

If you’re only joining us for the 10 day Cusco trip (Peru), you will fly out of Cusco Airport / Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ)
If you will be joining us for the full 16 day trip (including Bolivia), your return flight will be from Juliaco Airport / Inca Manco Cápac International Airport (JUL)
(Most flights will come in and out of Lima, Peru, connecting onwards to your next destination. Please plan accordingly - everyone is encouraged to fly in early to get acclimated)


If you plan to arrive a few days early, or extend your trip to stay a few days after, we are happy to assist you. More details will be shared soon with the names of your hotels based upon your package selections. Please see the Venues page for more information.


  • Passport and roundtrip plane ticket(s)
  • Visas - For Bolivia, applicable for USA (US citizens use this link.) and some other countries require a Visa for Bolivia, Please see this link. For Peru Please see this link
  • Print of booking confirmation (Tour, Hotel, Transfer)
  • Cash in local currency (mostly you can exchange money at an airport or bank) - Soles (Peru) & Bolivian Bolivianos
  • Money belt or other hidden document holders (optional)


  • Start walking/hiking and exercising your cardiovascular system in advance
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid alcohol upon arrival, as this will greatly help.
  • There is supplemental Oxygen available in most hotels to alleviate any altitude symptoms
  • We encourage you to arrive a few days early to rest, rejuvenate and get acclimated.


It is recommended for you to have travel insurance. Please check your policy thoroughly to ensure it will cover all activities you may wish to do during your holiday.


  • Water Bottle(s) - for hot and cold
  • Ultralight Daypack – to use for day trips or small hiking tours
  • Drybag – keeps your technical equipment dry
  • Micro Fiber Towel – lightweight, small and dries super fast
  • Plastic Ziplock Bags (they come in handy!)
  • Optional: Carry-on sized luggage for trains and other transportation.


  • Outdoor clothing for hiking and exploring in warm, cold and wet climates.
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Warm jacket and layers for colder evenings and higher altitudes
  • Dinner attire for evening receptions


  • Organic sunscreen & bug spray, moisturising cream/hand lotions.
  • Personal Care & Supplements: Homeopathics, grape seed extract, digestive enzymes, oregano oil, activated charcoal capsules, headache pills, Imodium
  • Medications – you should bring adequate medication for your entire trip with a prescription slip or doctor’s letter explaining why you need this medicine in case you need further medication.
  • Nutrition & Snacks: Protein bars, nuts & seeds, dried fruits, favorite treats
  • Journal and/or Note Pad
  • An Extra (collapsible) Bag - if you plan to do any shopping. A bag, preferably soft, which can be crunched up and carried in another bag will be handy for most people.
  • Gifts to give away - e.g. crayons and coloring books, baseball hats, handkerchiefs etc.
  • Power Adapter with additional USB ports - Bolivia – 230V, 50Hz. Peru – 220V, 60Hz - likely split to 110V, 60 Hz for outlets (some areas may be 50Hz). Either the American two prong plug (Type A) or the European (Type C). Many outlets have been designed to accept both types of plug. Source.


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