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Ultrafast Black Hole Winds

New observations of the ultrafast winds from black holes may give us clues about the dynamics and evolution of the surrounding matter. In particular, for the case of super massive black holes such observations could reveal the dynamic feedback loop between the central black hole and its galaxy.

A team of astronomers studying the ultrafast wind, flowing – at almost 1/4 the speed of light - from the central black hole of the active galaxy IRAS 13224-3809, have made the first detailed observations in which a rapid variability is observed.

Understanding the dynamics of black holes and the interaction and effects with the surrounding matter is key to a unified theory of the universe. It will be interesting to see what future studies will reveal as noted by first author Michael Parker,

"Further study of this source is likely to have wide-ranging implications for our knowledge of how these winds form and are powered, where they are located, how dense they are, and how long they last—all of which will add to our understanding of the interaction between black holes and their galaxies."


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