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Watch live: SpaceX’s colossal Falcon Heavy may finally fly today

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA—Today may finally be the day. After nearly a decade of development, the Falcon Heavy has finally reached the launch pad and undergone all of its preflight tests. All that remains is to fuel the three boosters and light 27 engines.

Weather at the launch site is fine today, with mostly sunny skies and light winds. The official forecast calls for an 80 percent chance of favorable weather conditions at the time the launch window opens at 1:30pm ET. (UPDATE: The opening of the window has been delayed until 2:50pm ET due to upper-level wind concerns. The launch window closes at 4pm ET.)

Plenty of things can go bad with the maiden flight of a rocket, of course. That is especially true considering the Falcon Heavy's structure—three boosters strapped together. In an interview with Ars on Monday, SpaceX founder Elon Musk said the company had tested as much as it could on the ground. But certain elements can only be tested in flight.

Watch a live webcast of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Today (ETA 2:50pm EST):

Article:Live SpaceX Launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket

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